Galaxy Magic Unicorn Tea | 梦幻系放松茶


This tea can served in hot or cold, it will refresh you in a hot day and in the same time to enhance your Immunity.

▶ Ingredient | Roselle, Blue Butterfly Pea
▶ Place Of Origin | Malaysia
▶ Net Weight | 5g (Each Packs)
▶ Shelf Life | 30 Days
▶ Quantity | Total 7 packs in a box
▶ Storage Instruction | Store in cool dry place or keep it in fridge to last longer

1⃣ The herbal tea belongs to easy daily healthcare, but we don’t recommend to overdrink. Be sure to check your condition, whether suitable before drinking. People with particular physical health are not recommended to drink, such as pregnant women, breastfeeding, children, patients with various diseases or take prescription medicine. Be sure to ask advice from a medical professional or doctor.

2⃣ As it’s a handmade product, please give flocha ninja 3-5 working days for production after order. Please contact ninja if there is a special request. Thanks!

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Galaxy Magic Unicorn TeaGalaxy Magic Unicorn TeaGalaxy Magic Unicorn Tea Galaxy Magic Unicorn Tea Product Description

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 29 × 21 cm

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